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Research shows that being an involved parent in your child’s education will likely benefit both you and your child. Statistics shows that parent participation enhances a child’s self-esteem, improves parent-child relationships, improves the child’s academic achievement and helps parents understand the whole schooling process. There have been countless studies that show that students’ academic achievement improves when parents show an interest in their education and take an active role. Not only do students’ grades improve, but they tend to have better behavior and social skills and a better attitude towards school in general. Studies also show that students’ whose parents are actively engaged in their school work tend to further their education at a higher level.

There are several ways parents can become involved in school, including PTA, PIC (Parent Involvement Committees) and serving on school councils. Other ways to become involved in your child’s schooling are volunteering for field trips, school activities or as a helper in their classroom. Not all schools approve of having a parent in the classroom, but others encourage it. Also be sure to attend parent/teacher days when you can meet with teachers one on one and discuss your child’s progress. At home, be sure to help your child with their homework (the key word being “help,” - don’t over-help and end up doing their homework for them!) Also simply talking to your child about their day at school is greatly beneficial. Parent involvement also impacts a child’s interest in reading, especially if the parents themselves show an interest in literacy as a source of enjoyment. Parent and child partnerships begin early in life and should continue through school age and beyond. This will also help to ensure a healthy, loving parent-child relationship as your child reaches adulthood.


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