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Education and business are thought by most to be two very different but vital roles in today’s world. Typically, business is more “product-oriented” while education is more lofty, relating to character and ideals. But, are they really so separate? After all, the students of today will become the businessmen and business women of tomorrow. So, motivated by the need for a smarter workforce, businesses are working with schools in ways that affect every aspect of the education process. Today, you will find a certain percentage of businesses that are supporting schools, colleges, organizations and foundations, religious and special interest groups. Many programs focus on math and science. Other programs (fewer, but they are there) focus on arts and humanities, drugs, dropout programs and assistance to the disadvantaged.

Businesses also play a role in education by donating or loaning equipment and supplies. Some school districts and businesses partnership to promote “business day” where students are invited to come visit for a day of learning from them. This is not only good for the students, but gives business people a chance to work directly with the future workers of tomorrow.

There is another way business plays a role in education. Business leaders are often also leaders in the community. Having a partnership with local schools to help promote support for school funding and policy issues can be nothing but a win-win situation for both the business and the schools. Also, as students learn more about local businesses, students are more informed of their choices for careers in the future. However, it’s up to each school district how much they want business to be involved, so school leaders must be very clear as to how much and what kind of involvement they want.


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